Anupama 27th June 2023 Written Update: Leela Regrets Her Actions

In today’s episode of Anupama, we witnessed a heartwarming farewell party for Anupama organized by the Shah family. They went all out in decorating the house to make it a memorable event. However, there were some emotional moments along the way.


Leela expressed her longing for her husband, Hasmukh, who is away in America. Kinjal suggested video calling Hasmukh, but Leela insisted that his live presence would be better.

In a lighthearted moment, Dolly jokingly teased Leela, suggesting that she wanted to dance with Hasmukh. Leela clarified that Hasmukh would have given his blessings to Anupama before leaving, as Anupama considers him more than just a father figure.

Although she couldn’t be Anupama’s mother, Hasmukh always fulfilled his duty as a father. Samar playfully commented that Leela only knows how to taunt and not show love to her daughter-in-law.

Meanwhile, Adhik and Pakhi arrived at the Shah house. Pakhi noticed Adhik’s frowning face and advised him not to let his tension show during the party. She suggested that he should join the festivities and dance. Pakhi also emphasized that they should hide any conflicts between them from Anupama.

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Later, Kavya visited the Shah family. Leela offered her rest, but Kavya insisted on helping with the preparations and gift-wrapping. The family agreed, and Kavya even mentioned shifting back to the Shah house to take care of herself. The entire family supported this idea, but Kavya suggested discussing it later.

Meanwhile, Anuj learned that she had already arrived at the Shah house. He anxiously waited for the evening to meet her. Seeking advice from Ankush, Anuj wondered how he could make time go faster.

Ankush humorously suggested that Anuj should do what he does best: Wait! Anuj agreed and stated that he wanted Anupama to fly away and fulfil her dreams.

Barkha overheard their conversation and thought it was a good thing that Anuj didn’t want to hold on to Anupama, as it would solve her own problems if Anupama left.

Anupama, filled with excitement, walked towards the Shah house and reached there. She believed that Bhavesh and Kanta had come ahead of her to surprise her and join the Shah family for her farewell.

The Shahs warmly welcomed Anupama, and Kanta remarked that they should have done this years ago since Leela had always troubled Anupama.

Bhavesh mentioned that Leela had changed at least now. An emotional Anupama spoke about the love and bond she shared with the Shah family and expressed her deep respect for them.

Leela acknowledged her past disrespect towards Anupama and regretted her actions. Kanta, on the other hand, believed that Leela would never truly change.

On the other side, Anuj visibly eager, waited for time to pass quickly. Maaya, noticing his excitement, felt anxious.

At the Shah house, Anupama continued her heartfelt speech and then performed a religious ritual. Leela offered Anupama a beautifully decorated swing and asked her to sit on it.

Anupama then danced with the entire family on the song “Jhumere Gori.” The family served her a delicious feast, which made her even happier.

In the upcoming episode, Leela will feed Anupama with her own hand, expressing her love and care. Kinjal and Bhairavi will enact Anupama, bringing a light-hearted moment to the farewell.

Anuj, on the other hand, eagerly awaits Anupama’s presence. Maaya contemplates taking action to permanently resolve the ongoing problem.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Anupama, filled with emotional moments and exciting developments.

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