Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 20th May 2023 Written Update: Virat’s Drunken Revelation

Welcome to our comprehensive and detailed GHKKPM 20th May 2023 Written Update. As we delve into the intriguing events of this episode, we will bring you every crucial detail that unfolded on the show. Join us as we take you through the captivating twists and turns that kept the viewers hooked.


Satya’s Concern for Sai

The episode begins with an intense moment where Satya, concerned about a possible call from the hospital, excuses himself from the table. Meanwhile, Virat, seated at another table, observes Sai with intoxicated eyes.

Taking advantage of Satya’s absence, Virat confronts Sai about her supposedly heartless actions. He expresses his disappointment that she has joined the gathering despite the emotional significance it holds for both of them.

Sai, feeling uncomfortable, realizes that Virat is heavily intoxicated and continues to blame her for breaking his heart and tarnishing their shared memories. Virat questions Sai about her audacity to occupy the same seat and participate in the festivities.

Overwhelmed with embarrassment, Sai tries to hide her face, but Virat’s anger escalates. He bangs the table, demanding answers from her and encouraging others around to applaud his ex-wife.

Satya’s Protective Gesture

Just as the tension reaches its peak, Satya intervenes, firmly grabbing hold of Virat, ready to confront him physically. Virat, still inebriated, notices a plate of sweets, specifically Gulaab Jamun, and insists that Sai opens her mouth for a bite.

Satya’s protective instincts kick in, and he warns Virat against forcefully interfering with Sai’s fast. Satya addresses Virat as Mrs. Adhikari once again and requests the nearby customers to applaud, but his anger is palpable.

Sai, realizing the severity of the situation, informs Satya that Virat is heavily intoxicated, urging him to refrain from violence. Ultimately, Satya releases his grip on Virat, causing him to collapse onto a nearby chair, completely unconscious.

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Bhavani’s Anger Unleashed

In the aftermath of the incident, Bhavani, a member of the family, expresses her anger towards Satya for his actions. Sai attempts to contact Mohit, but when he fails to answer her call, she informs Satya that they must take Virat home.

Satya, infuriated by this unexpected responsibility, expresses his discontent, exclaiming that the last thing he desired was to become a cab driver. Despite Satya’s frustration, he takes on the role of the driver while Sai tries to calm his anger.

A Drunken Revelation

During the car ride, Satya advises Sai to save their conversation for home, cautioning her that Virat has a tendency to eavesdrop with closed eyes. Suddenly, in his inebriated state, Virat mumbles that he will fight Satya for taking away his “betraying wife,” Sai.

Satya’s anger flares up, and he drives the car recklessly, prompting Sai to plead for him to stop. She offers to call a cab driver to transport Virat safely to his residence.

Virat continues his mumblings, vowing to retaliate against Satya, who confidently asserts that if Virat were conscious, he would teach him a lesson. Observing this tense exchange, Sai maintains her silence, suppressing her own anger.

A Chaotic Homecoming

As Sai and Satya escort the unconscious Virat to his home, Ninad and Bhavani become increasingly concerned. Bhavani directs her anger towards Sai, blaming her for the troubles that always seem to follow Virat.

Sai remains composed, silently enduring Bhavani’s insults, while Satya becomes the target of Bhavani’s derogatory remarks. However, Satya reaches his breaking point and boldly confronts Bhavani, determined to make her listen.

He reveals that Virat’s destructive actions ruined his and Sai’s first Vatt Savitri celebration, emphasizing the lack of consideration displayed by Mohit, their own family member, who failed to answer his phone call.

In a moment of vulnerability, Satya finally confesses the depth of his feelings for Sai and the immense respect he holds for her due to their shared experiences.

Ninad’s Concern and Ashwini’s Emotional Turmoil

Ninad guides Virat inside the house, while Sai follows an emotionally charged Satya. Sai questions Satya, curious as to why he feels hurt about not being able to celebrate Vatt Savitri.

Satya, finally baring his soul, admits that he has developed feelings for Sai and cherishes a deep connection with her. Sai suggests having dinner together to lift their spirits, but Satya, overcome with melancholy, declines.

Meanwhile, Ninad confides in Ashwini, discussing the possibility of transferring Virat to a different location. However, Ashwini tearfully rejects the idea, believing that they should remain by Virat’s side in his time of need, along with Veenu.

A Tender Moment of Comfort

At the Adhikari Residence, Satya stands near the window, lost in his thoughts. Sai approaches him with food, insisting that if he refuses to eat, she will also abstain from her meal. Satya playfully remarks on her dramatic gesture.

However, Sai’s million-dollar smile quickly brightens the atmosphere, and they share a heartwarming moment as they feed each other. The dynamics between them begin to shift significantly.

Amba’s Surprise Announcement

Meanwhile, Amba reminds Sai that she and Satya need to apply for leave, as their tickets for Goa have been confirmed. Sai’s reaction is filled with apprehension and a hint of distress, raising curiosity about the challenges she may face during their planned trip.

Inquisitive Savi seeks an explanation of what a honeymoon entails, followed by a request to be taken along on their romantic getaway. Sai’s expression changes, revealing the troubles that lie ahead.

In a Nutshell: GHKKPM 20th May 2023 Written Update

In this eventful episode, tensions rose between Satya and Virat, where confessions were made by Virat, and bonds deepened between Satya and Sai.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, as we continue to bring you the latest updates filled with drama, emotions, and unexpected twists.

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