Sanu Kehndi Lyrics | Kesari (2019)


Get ready to groove with ‘Sanu Kehndi Lyrics’ from the movie Kesari. Romy and Brijesh Shandilya’s energetic vocals will have you dancing in no time. Experience the magic!

Teri Mitti Female Version Lyrics | Kesari (2019)


Experience the soulful rendition of ‘Teri Mitti Lyrics Female Version’ by Parineeti Chopra from the movie Kesari (2019). Let the heartfelt music and beautiful lyrics stir your emotions.

Teri Mitti Lyrics – Male | Kesari (2019)


Looking for heart-stirring patriotism? Dive into the soulful world of ‘Teri Mitti Lyrics’ from Kesari. Experience the magic of Arko’s composition and B Praak’s powerful vocals. Get ready for an emotional journey!