Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 20th May 2023 Written Update: Abhi’s Determination to Reclaim His Son

In the latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH), aired on 20th May 2023, we witness intense emotions and conflicts as the story unfolds in today’s YRKKH 20th May 2023 Written Update.

The episode begins with a heated confrontation between Manjari and Mahima, where Mahima pleads with Manjari to help her in Parth’s situation. However, Manjari, filled with anger, expresses her disappointment in Mahima for forgetting their old relationship.


Mahima tries to justify Parth’s actions, emphasizing that he deserves a second chance. She reveals her deep attachment to Abhimanyu and her desire to share something important with Manjari.

On the other side, Abhinav sincerely apologizes to Abhir for his reckless behaviour, while Abhir, grateful for his brother’s protection, gently wraps a bandage around Abhinav’s injured hand.

The heartfelt moment between the two brothers highlights the bond they share, with Abhinav assuring Abhir that he will always be there to protect him, as Abhir is his world.

Their emotional connection deepens as Abhir reciprocates, expressing that Abhinav means everything to him. This heartfelt exchange moves Abhinav to tears, reflecting the depth of their love and brotherhood.

Concerns Regarding Abhir’s Fall

In the midst of these touching moments, Akshara enters the room and witnesses the heartwarming interaction between Abhir and Abhinav.

A soft smile forms on her face as she realizes the deep bond they share. After Abhir leaves the room, Akshara sits beside Abhinav, carefully examining his bandaged hand.

Their eyes meet, and for a brief moment, they communicate their unspoken emotions, reflecting the unbreakable connection between them.

Meanwhile, at Birla’s house, Manjari confronts Abhimanyu, expressing her concern about Akshara and Abhinav’s careless attitude towards Abhir.

She mentions that despite Abhir’s heart condition, Abhinav irresponsibly carried him on his shoulder while running under the scorching sun.

Manjari questions Abhimanyu’s support for their parenting skills, but he defends Akshara and Abhinav, asserting that they have provided a responsible upbringing for Abhir, making him mature for his age.

However, Manjari fails to comprehend Abhimanyu’s perspective and firmly believes that she and Abhimanyu should be the ones taking care of Abhir.

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Determination to Take Matters into Their Own Hands

These conflicting opinions ignite a fire within Abhimanyu, who realizes that waiting for fate to unfold is no longer an option.

He resolves to take matters into his own hands, determined to secure the well-being of his beloved son.

This newfound determination further strengthens his resolve to prove Akshara and Abhinav’s alleged irresponsibility.

Unbeknownst to him, Aarohi, who had arrived with a glass of water for Abhimanyu, inadvertently overhears their conversation.

She contemplates the potential consequences of Abhimanyu’s actions, realizing that if he succeeds in labelling Akshara and Abhinav as irresponsible, it may result in Akshara losing custody of Abhir.

This revelation deeply troubles Aarohi, as she knows the profound bond between Akshara and her son, foreseeing the emotional turmoil it would cause.

Muskaan’s Love Dilemma and Kairav’s Intervention

In a parallel narrative, Muskaan finds herself entangled in a complicated situation regarding marriage. She confesses to a man that she cannot marry him as she is in love with someone else.

The man, angered by her revelation, storms out of the café, expressing his disappointment at her lack of honesty.

Observing this turn of events from a distance, Kairav, who has been silently watching Muskaan’s struggles, approaches her, revealing his presence and expressing his support.

Muskaan, frustrated by his continuous pity, implores Kairav to stop feeling sorry for her and instead take action. She believes that he has already done enough for her and desires something more than mere sympathy.

As Muskaan prepares to leave, she stumbles, but Kairav swiftly catches her, cradling her in his arms.

At that moment, their eyes meet, and an unspoken connection sparks between them. Time seems to stand still as they get lost in each other’s gaze, a fleeting yet powerful moment that leaves them both captivated.

Abhimanyu’s Visit to Goenka House

While emotions run high in Muskaan and Kairav’s encounter, a confrontation brews at Goenka House.

Akshara, familiar with the sound of the approaching bike, rushes downstairs, anticipating Abhimanyu’s arrival.

Abhimanyu, too, recognizes Akshara’s presence as he dismounts from his bike. Their eyes meet, and Abhimanyu wastes no time in pointing out his disappointment with Akshara and Mr. Sharma’s parenting.

He questions why Abhinav would risk Abhir’s well-being by running under the scorching sun, fully aware of his heart condition.

In response, Akshara vehemently defends Abhinav, asserting that she will not entertain accusations about his fatherhood.

She recalls Abhinav’s relentless efforts to secure funds for Abhir’s treatment, emphasizing that not all love is self-centred like Abhimanyu’s. She believes that love can heal and unite broken souls.

Unyielding in her stance, Akshara declares her unwavering commitment to her family and challenges Abhimanyu’s motives.

Faced with her resilience, Abhimanyu expresses his love for his son and vows to go to any lengths to reclaim him.

Following this intense encounter, Akshara turns to her family members, and Manish, sensing the gravity of the situation, proposes initiating a dialogue with the Birla family. He recognizes that the conflict has escalated beyond an individual matter and now affects both families.

In a Nutshell: YRKKH 20th May 2023 Written Update

In this riveting episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, emotions run deep as relationships are tested and characters face inner conflicts.

The unwavering determination of Abhimanyu to secure his son’s future sets the stage for a turbulent journey ahead.

The love between Abhir and Abhinav grows stronger, serving as an anchor amidst the storm.

Simultaneously, Muskaan grapples with her feelings while Kairav takes a step forward to support her.

The episode ends with Akshara’s unwavering defence of her family, signalling a fierce battle to protect her son and their bond.

As the story progresses, the intertwining paths of these characters promise further revelations and dramatic twists, keeping the viewers eagerly awaiting the next episode.

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