Anupama 03rd July 2023 Written Update: Maya Hit By Truck While Saving Anupama

Get ready for a thrilling episode of Anupama! In this heart-pounding episode, we witness Maaya’s shocking plot to eliminate Anupama from her and Anuj’s life once and for all. But hold on tight because this rollercoaster has just begun!


While strolling down the street, Anupama confides in Kanta, expressing her desire to be alone for some time. Kanta advises her not to pay any attention to the mentally unstable Maaya.

Bhavesh chimes in, suggesting that if Maaya is indeed unwell, she should be in a hospital. Anupama, however, doesn’t want to dwell on the topic and politely asks to be left alone.

Now, here comes the twist! Maaya, overwhelmed with her emotions, grabs the car keys, convinced that Anupama has left her no choice. She believes that erasing Anupama from Anuj and her life is the only solution.

Imagining all the recent incidents, Maaya accelerates her car towards Anupama, aiming to harm her. But wait! It turns out to be just her vivid imagination.

Phew! Relieved, Maaya heads back home, consumed by anxiety, and takes out her frustration by breaking things.

Meanwhile, Anupama enters the room, and the tension rises! Ankush questions Anuj about why he didn’t stop Anupama from entering Maaya’s room.

Anuj, upset with the situation, sternly warns everyone not to disturb Anupama until she comes out.

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Barkha, exhausted by the ongoing drama, expresses her weariness, and Adhik shares the sentiment. Barkha then wonders about his wife’s whereabouts, and Adhik casually replies that she must be crying in her room. Barkha advises him to console her, but he refuses.

Amidst the chaos, Anupama takes charge and begins cleaning Maaya’s room. Maaya, in a fit of anger, yells at Anupama, questioning why she came back when she dislikes everyone in the house.

Anupama, holding Maaya’s hands gently, expresses her desire to talk. She even presents her with a divine idol, which helps Maaya calm down.

Anuj, concerned about Anupama’s well-being, decides to check on her, but Bhavesh stops him, believing that Anupama must have thought this through before confronting Maaya.

Kanta asserts that Anupama doesn’t need his help and that he shouldn’t have let this situation occur in the first place.

In another part of the house, Kinjal informs the Shahs that Pakhi has been crying incessantly and reveals that Anupama went to talk to Maaya. The Shahs display their concern for Anupama, with Dimpy contemplating how Kinjal manages to remain so calm.

Dimpy had plans to go to the dance academy and then meet Samar, but Anupama’s ongoing drama has disrupted her schedule. She hopes to focus on herself once Anupama leaves for America.

Vanraj expresses disappointment over Anupama’s decision to visit Maaya again, especially after the previous incident where Maaya threw her bags out and humiliated her. Leela prays that Maaya doesn’t cause any harm to Anupama anymore.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for—the intense confrontation! Anupama pours her heart out to Maaya, explaining that holding onto anger is like holding fire in one’s palm—it only hurts oneself.

She emphasizes that her relationship with Anuj is not a conspiracy; they genuinely love each other and have every right to be together openly.

Anupama further reveals that she didn’t know Anuj was also planning to go to America. She firmly believes that Anuj belongs to her for seven lifetimes, and no one can take him away.

Anupama selflessly sacrificed her love for her daughter, little Anu, and while she may have given up her rights, she never stopped loving Anuj. A mother can do anything for her child, including sacrificing her own happiness.

But the drama doesn’t end there! Anupama continues her impassioned speech, shedding light on Maaya’s lack of love for Anuj. She explains how Maaya was only determined to snatch him away and that she allowed Maaya to play her games for the sake of her daughter.

Anupama sympathizes with Anuj, who has endured emotional turmoil throughout his life—losing his parents, witnessing his sister’s marriage to the wrong person, being separated from Anupama, tolerating Maaya’s antics, and bearing the blame from everyone.

Anupama stresses that everyone has a limit to their endurance, and once Anuj reaches his breaking point, he may never be the same again.

With tears in her eyes, Anupama reveals how little Anu suffers because of her biological mother’s actions. Anu had prayed for her parents to reunite, but Anupama’s terrifying encounters with Maaya scared the little girl.

Anupama pleads with Maaya to take control of the situation before it’s too late. Maaya, with Little Anu’s frightened face haunting her thoughts, starts to realize the consequences of her actions.

Episode Ends!

Hold your breath for the nail-biting cliffhanger! In the upcoming episode, Maaya, now filled with remorse, apologizes to Anupama for her mistakes. As Anupama rushes to get water for her, Maaya spots a speeding truck heading towards Anupama. In a heroic act, Maaya saves Anupama but ends up getting struck herself.

Get ready for the next episode, where we’ll discover the aftermath of this shocking accident! Stay tuned for more drama, emotions, and surprises on Anupama!

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