Anupama 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Little Anu confronts Maaya

Maaya realizes she was wrong to want to harm Anupama. Instead of being angry, Anupama shows concern for her and tries to calm her down. Maaya understands that Anupama took her daughter from an orphanage, and gave her a loving home and a family.


Anupama genuinely cares for her well-being even now. While Maaya has cursed Anupama, Anupama has always blessed her. Maaya feels ashamed of herself and recognizes that there can’t be anyone worse than her.

Anupama shares some wise words with Maaya. She explains that anger only brings harm and won’t solve anything. Instead, if Maaya changes herself, Ganapati Bappa will support her.

Anupama emphasizes the preciousness of life and how uncertain it is. She met Maaya to help her overcome her fear before leaving. Anupama urges Maaya to live peacefully and take care of Little Anu and Anuj.

Whether Maaya believes it or not, Anupama has always wanted the best for her and prays for her speedy recovery. Anupama hugs Maaya and leaves, asking her to take care of herself.

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Meanwhile, at the Shah house, Kinjal offers turmeric milk to Kavya, but Kavya refuses and makes faces. Kinjal shares that, even though she used to make faces, Anupama scolded her and fed her milk.

Dimpy suggests that, if Kinjal takes all the responsibilities and work of their home, then people will think that the new daughter-in-law is useless.

Kinjal advises Dimpy against creating drama, over a small issue and walks away. Kaavya agrees with Kinjal and she also leaves from there, irritating Dimpy further.

Samar informs the family that Paakhi isn’t picking up the phone, and they are unaware of what’s happening, at the Kapadia house. Anupama returns to the living room, where Little Anu approaches her, crying.

Little Anu overheard Anupama and Maaya’s conversation and feels guilty for hurting Anupama and also causing Anupama to bear Maaya’s anger. Anupama reassures her and explains that Maaya is unwell, which is causing her strange behaviour.

Anupama reminds Little Anu, that it’s her duty to be with her mother and take care of her. Little Anu promises to fulfil her duty, and Anupama affectionately showers love to her.

Samar receives a message from Adhik, assuring him that everything is fine at their house. Samar relays this information to the family, but Adhik is unaware of what transpired between Anupama and Maaya. Leela decides to talk to Anupama later.

Samar volunteers to fetch Kavya’s bags, while Dimpy mentions their plan to visit the dance academy. Samar suggests that Dimpy can go ahead, and he will join her later.

The family disperses, but Dimpy angrily accuses Samar of prioritizing family over their coffee date. Samar defends himself, stating there’s nothing wrong with helping the family and that he can’t expect Vanraj to do all the heavy lifting at his age.

Dimpy complains that they both are only burdened with family expenses, and chores, while Toshu gets away with laziness, focusing solely on his wife and child.

Kinjal overhears their argument and walks away, furious. Samar becomes upset with Dimpy, asserting that, everything in the house belongs to everyone, and they all share responsibilities. Leela watches their exchange with concern.

At the Kapadia house, Little Anu expresses her sadness at Anupama’s departure. Anupama assures her that, she will visit often and encourages Little Anu, to visit her anytime as well. Anupama asks Little Anu to take care of Maaya.

Later, Little Anu confronts Maaya about her misbehaviour towards Anupama. She emphasizes, how much Anupama cared for her, leaving her and Anuj for Maaya’s sake.

Little Anu reminds Maaya, that she abandoned her in an orphanage, but Anupama brought her into their home and gave her a loving family. Little Anu with tears in her eyes, blames Maaya for causing pain to her family, by playing her mother’s victim card, separating her from her parents, Anuj and Anupama.

Filled with hatred, Little Anu walks away. Maaya recalls all the incidents and experiences a nervous breakdown. Anupama’s words about changing herself, before it’s too late, echoed in her mind.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Maaya apologizes to Anupama for her mistakes and begins to cough. Anupama goes to get water for her.

Suddenly, Maaya notices a speeding truck heading towards Anupama. In a heroic act, she saves Anupama but gets hit by the truck herself.

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