Anupama 05th July 2023 Written Update: Anupama In Dilemma After Maaya’s Death

At the start of today’s episode, we see an anxious and determined, Maaya desperately searching for Anupama in the Kapadia house. Whereas, we see that both Anupama and Anuj are sitting on a park bench, their eyes locked in a poignant moment.


Anuj expresses his gratitude to Anupama, for sparing some time for him, despite the tumultuous events that have unfolded.

He acknowledges that this might be their last peaceful moment together, and even professes his willingness, to sacrifice everything for this fleeting moment.

With heartfelt words, he recites a poem, emphasizing, the importance of cherishing this moment forever. Anuj takes responsibility, for bringing Maaya into their lives and apologizes sincerely.

Moved by his words, Anupama interrupts him, assuring him that there’s no need for further explanations. She acknowledges that Maaya is the mother of Little Anu and requests Anuj to take care of Maaya and their child.

Furthermore, she selflessly asks him to take on the responsibility of Pakhi as well. Anupama wholeheartedly supports his decision, agreeing to make regular calls to stay connected even without his request.

Meanwhile, Maaya, in her anxious state, rushes onto the road and falls down. Anuj finds it strange that they are parting ways despite their deep connection.

Anupama reassures him that their hearts will always be united, and she has cherished his memories even before packing her belongings.

Anuj promises to visit her in the USA without revealing his presence to her directly. They share a meaningful glance, accompanied by the continued melody of “Tere Mere Darmiyaan.”

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Amidst their heartfelt conversation, Maaya repeatedly calls Anuj, causing him to disconnect the calls. Anupama encourages him to answer Maaya’s call. Anuj finally picks up, and Maaya pleads to meet Anupama once more.

Anupama signals Anuj to agree, and he confirms their presence in a nearby garden. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Maaya expresses her thanks and rushes towards their location.

However, Anuj warns Anupama that if Maaya creates any trouble, he won’t spare her. Anupama assures him that Maaya has changed and won’t cause any harm this time.

As they prepare to leave the area before Maaya arrives, Anupama notices Maaya running around in panic. She calls out to her, and Maaya falls at Anupama’s feet, apologizing for her sins. She deeply regrets interfering in their lives and causing them trouble.

Maaya admits that although she took away Anupama’s daughter and husband, Anupama’s goodness prevailed, and she blessed Maaya instead.

Maaya also apologizes to Anuj for separating him from his beloved Anupama, pleading with him not to distance himself as they are meant for each other. In a heartfelt promise, Maaya decides to leave them forever.

Anupama understands Maaya’s predicament but asserts that if she doesn’t pursue her dream of going to America, she would break not only her dreams but also Gurumaa’s trust. She shares that only God knows what the future holds, but for now, America is her path.

Maaya expresses her fear of leaving Anuj and Little Anu alone, to which Anuj offers unwavering support if Maaya has truly changed. As a symbol of trust, Maaya hands over a Ganapati idol to Anupama.

Suddenly, tragedy strikes. Maaya, overwhelmed by coughing, notices a speeding truck heading towards Anupama. In a selfless act of bravery, she pushes Anupama away, sacrificing herself as she gets hit by the truck and tragically passes away.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, emotions run high during Maaya’s last rites. Leela expresses doubt about Anupama’s ability to go to America this time.

Barkha comments on how one mother of Little Anu has left the world, while another is leaving the country. Vanraj advises Anupama never to stop for anyone.

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