Anupama 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Little Anu’s Health Worsens

At the start of today’s episode, Anupama receives a message from Gurumaa urging her to come to the Gurukul immediately. Without hesitation, Anupama decides to go and seek the necessary support to deal with the situation.


Kanta helps her pack for the trip. Bhavesh questions the amount of luggage they’re carrying and expresses concern about Anupama’s ability to handle it.

Kanta admits her worries about Anupama’s emotional burden and fears that Little Anu’s condition might overwhelm her. Bhavesh reassures Kanta, highlighting the support Anupama has from unexpected sources, including her ex-in-laws.

Anupama reaches the gurukul, where Gurumaa assigns her various tasks. Gurumaa mentions that she could have assigned the tasks to Nakul but emphasizes that she wants Anupama to be present.

Anupama assures Gurumaa that she will never betray her trust and acknowledges her challenging circumstances. Gurumaa advises Anupama to decide whether she wants to be held back or move forward, reminding her that obstacles are bound to appear.

On the other side, Little Anu’s health continues to deteriorate, leading her to express her feelings of abandonment. Anuj and the Kapadia family do their best to comfort her.

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The doctor explains that emotional support is crucial in this situation. Then the doctor suggests contacting Anupama, as the child’s mother can provide the needed comfort.

Then, Dimpy informs Vanraj that Samar has gone to Mumbai for a workshop. Vanraj becomes angry upon hearing this, as he believes Samar should stay with his mother during this time. Dimpy explains the financial necessity behind Samar’s decision, leading to an argument with Leela.

Amidst the tensions, Kinjal suggests that Samar should talk to Anupama through a video call, highlighting the emotional bond they share. Each family member reflects on Anupama’s unwavering support during difficult times.

They express their emotional struggle with the impending separation but agree to bid her a smiling farewell.

At the Gurukul, Anupama assigns tasks to Nakul, including organizing the jewellery boxes. While checking her phone, Anupama contemplates contacting Anuj to inquire about Little Anu’s condition. Gurumaa observes her actions.

Meanwhile, Pakhi suggests to Anuj that they inform Anupama about Little Anu’s worsening condition. Anuj receives Anupama’s message asking about Little Anu’s well-being and reassures her that she is peacefully sleeping.

Anupama and Nakul discuss their upcoming journey as they pack their belongings, realizing that they have limited time left.

Episode ends!

In the upcoming episode, Little Anu expresses her distress, feeling abandoned once again. Anuj breaks down upon witnessing her condition, leading Adhik to suggest informing Anupama. However, Anuj is torn apart and feels he should not become an obstacle in Anupama’s journey.

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