Anupama 29th June 2023 Written Update: Kanta Slaps Maya

In the latest episode, Anupama reflects on her journey and expresses gratitude for the beautiful memories created with the Shah family.

As she prepares to leave for the USA, she acknowledges that she will cherish the memories they have given her and remembers that she still has a home somewhere.

Anupama 29th June 2023 Written Update

However, Leela claims that the house belongs to her first, leading to an emotional moment where Anupama embraces Kanta.

Amidst the farewell, Vanraj surprises Anupama with a heartfelt guitar performance.

Anupama, touched by his gesture, asks him to sing for her. Vanraj admits that he has never sung for her from the heart before, but today, he wants to.

As Vanraj sings the song ‘Ruk Jana Nahi Tu Kahi Haar Ke,’ memories of Anuj resurface, prompting Anupama to pray for the well-being of her children and also extend her prayers to Kavya and Vanraj.

Meanwhile, Paritosh, Samar, and Adhik discuss capturing moments after the celebration. When Pakhi joins them, Adhik avoids her, raising suspicions that all is not well between them.

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Pakhi tries to conceal her issues with Adhik, but Samar and Paritosh sense the tension and decide to take action to bring them closer.

Vanraj and Leela discuss the success of the party, but they are aware that everything will become sombre once Anupama leaves.

Vanraj urges Leela to find happiness in their preparations for Anupama’s special day, while Leela wishes Anupama well at the Kapadia house.

Curious about Kavya’s recent sonography, Anupama inquires if she went for the appointment.

Kavya shares her experience, and Anupama fondly recalls her own excitement when she saw the black dot during her sonography.

Kavya admits that she used to wonder why Anupama and Vanraj supported Adhik and Pakhi despite their mistakes, but she now understands their perspective. She emphasizes that today is Anupama’s day and that the focus should be on her.

In an intimate conversation with Kavya, Anupama admits uncertainty about their future discussions.

Kanta expresses gratitude towards Vanraj and Leela for their efforts, although they confess that their actions are merely a repayment to Anupama.

Anupama advises Kavya to stay at the Shah house, a suggestion that Kavya embraces while thanking Anupama for her constant support.

Leela and Vanraj express their appreciation to Anupama for bringing happiness to the house before her departure.

However, Dimpy, overhearing Kavya’s decision, fears that she won’t get Vanraj’s room now.

Adding to the brewing tensions, Dimpy stirs up Adhik’s anger against Pakhi and plans to teach her a lesson once Anupama is no longer present.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see a dramatic twist as Anuj welcomes Anupama, causing Maya to react negatively and question why Anupama is still alive.

The situation escalates when Kanta slaps Maya, leaving us eager to find out what happens next.

Intrigue and emotions run high as Anupama bids farewell, relationships remain unresolved, and unexpected twists take centre stage in the ongoing saga.

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