Meet the cricketer who scored the first ODI century for India: The Trailblazer Who Made History

In the realm of international cricket, scoring a century has become a commonplace achievement for many batsmen. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the pioneers who laid the foundation for such accomplishments.

One such trailblazer in Indian cricket is the legendary Kapil Dev, who etched his name in history by scoring India’s first-ever ODI century.

While popular names like Gavaskar, Shastri, Srikkanth, Amarnath, or Vengsarkar may come to mind, it was Kapil Dev who rose to the occasion during the 1983 ODI World Cup.


Setting the Stage: The 1983 ODI World Cup

The 1983 World Cup holds immense significance in Indian cricket history as it was the year when Team India emerged victorious, securing their first-ever World Cup title.

Amidst the fervour of the tournament, Kapil Dev’s innings in the 20th match against Zimbabwe captured the nation’s attention and paved the way for a historic victory.

The Heroic Innings

The match commenced with Indian captain Kapil Dev winning the toss and electing to bat first. However, the top-order batsmen, Sunil Gavaskar and Kris Srikkanth, were dismissed for zero, leaving India in a precarious situation.

With Mohinder Amarnath contributing 5 runs, Sandeep Patil managing only 1, and Yashpal Sharma scoring 9, it was Kapil Dev, batting at number 6, who displayed unparalleled brilliance and played an unforgettable inning, ultimately achieving the first ODI century for India.

Kapil Dev’s Milestone: The Century

Kapil Dev’s monumental knock saw him accumulate a remarkable total of 175 runs, comprising 16 boundaries and 6 towering sixes.

His innings propelled India to a commanding total of 266 runs in 60 overs. In response, Zimbabwe fell short, managing only 235 runs in 57 overs, leading to India’s victory by 31 runs.

Beyond the Century: Kapil Dev’s Stature

Kapil Dev’s contributions extended far beyond his historic century. Throughout his illustrious career, he represented India in 131 Tests and 225 ODIs.

With an impressive batting record, Kapil Dev scored 5248 runs in Test matches and 3783 runs in ODIs.

Moreover, his prowess as an all-rounder shone through, as he claimed 434 wickets in Tests and 253 wickets in ODIs.

Kapil Dev’s legacy as an iconic figure in Indian cricket is indelible, and his achievements continue to inspire generations of cricketers.

Celebrating the Legacy

As we celebrate the achievements of modern-day cricketers like MS Dhoni, who recently led Chennai Super Kings to a record-equalling fifth IPL title, it is essential to reflect on the pioneers like Kapil Dev.

While Dhoni’s contributions are noteworthy, we must acknowledge the foundation laid by Kapil Dev and his historic century.

Dhoni’s fitness concerns and subsequent knee surgery have garnered attention, but it is the legends who blazed the trail that deserve our admiration and respect.


Kapil Dev’s century in the 1983 ODI World Cup marked a watershed moment in Indian cricket history.

His remarkable innings not only secured India’s first ODI century but also set the stage for future success.

Kapil Dev’s accomplishments as a cricketer, both with the bat and ball, have left an indelible mark on the game.

As we celebrate the achievements of modern-day stars, let us always remember the trailblazers who paved the way for their success.

Kapil Dev’s legacy will forever be etched in the annals of Indian cricket, inspiring generations to come.

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