Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 22nd May 2023 Written Update: Abhir’s Critical Condition Shakes Akshara

In today’s episode of YRKKH 22nd May 2023 Written Update, the storyline took an intense turn, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. The episode opened with Akshara entering Abhir’s wardroom, only to be met with a shocking sight that shook her to the core. Abhir was struggling to breathe, and his condition seemed critical. This gripping scene set the stage for a series of emotional moments and dramatic revelations.


The Anguish of Akshara

As Akshara witnessed Abhir’s desperate struggle for oxygen, she couldn’t contain her terror. Manjari, standing outside the wardroom, shed tears while Aarohi tried her best to provide comfort.

Akshara’s immediate reaction was to question Abhimanyu, holding him responsible for Abhir’s injuries.

The intensity of the situation was palpable, sending goosebumps all over Abhimanyu’s body. Despite the pressure, Akshara’s sole focus remained on Abhir’s well-being.

Confronting Abhimanyu

Akshara’s anguish reached its peak as she confronted Abhimanyu. She challenged him, asking how he could allow Abhir to get hurt under their supervision.

Grabbing his collars, she questioned his actions and the implications they held. The unexpected turn of events caught Abhimanyu off guard.

Akshara expressed her disappointment, admitting that she had expected Abhimanyu to blame her or make hurtful comments about Abhinav, but she never thought he would jeopardize Abhir’s safety.

Abhinav’s Heartbreaking Response

Just as the tension escalated, Abhinav rushed in with tears welling up in his eyes. He tried to comfort the unconscious Abhir, his voice trembling with emotions. Akshara, using this moment, highlighted how they had never let Abhir end up in such hurtful situations. She emphasized Abhimanyu’s claim to want Abhir, questioning his actions in light of their shared responsibility for Abhir’s well-being.

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The Grim Diagnosis and Urgent Surgery

Anand arrived with Abhir’s reports, delivering the devastating news that his condition was precarious and required immediate surgery within the next three days.

This revelation shattered Akshara’s heart, leaving Abhinav equally shocked. The gravity of the situation weighed heavily on everyone’s minds. The need for a surgical intervention became evident, demanding quick action.

Kairav’s Outburst and Blame Game

Outside the wardroom, Kairav couldn’t contain his emotions and frustration. He slammed his fist against a board, placing the blame squarely on Manjari for everything that had unfolded.

Kairav reminded Manjari of their previous targeting of Abhinav’s financial condition, questioning whether she and her hero child possessed the means to save Abhir’s life.

Manjari found herself speechless, while Aarohi attempted to diffuse the situation and prevent further distress.

Words of Reason and a Desperate Video Call

Manish intervened, advising Kairav that blaming each other was not the solution in such dire circumstances.

As tension gripped everyone, Aarohi received a video call from Ruhi, who was visibly distraught and concerned about Abhir’s condition. Ruhi wanted to visit the hospital to offer her support and learn about Abhir’s well-being.

Abhimanyu’s Dilemma and A Sudden Realization

Abhimanyu sought information from Dr Rohan about the available surgeons for Abhir’s operation, only to learn that the primary surgeon was out of town.

In a moment of urgency, Aarohi and Anand made calls to arrange for a replacement. Suddenly, a realization struck Aarohi, and she reminded Abhimanyu of his own medical expertise.

Aarohi pointed out that he was a doctor before becoming Abhir’s father and that he had the skills necessary to perform the surgery.

A Father’s Plea and Abhimanyu’s Resolve

Abhinav, deeply pained by Abhir’s critical condition, pleaded with Abhimanyu to save their son and treat him as his own.

Abhinav humbly acknowledged that he couldn’t compare to Abhimanyu’s medical knowledge and skills.

Abhinav expressed his unwavering trust in Abhimanyu’s abilities, recognizing that he was the only one capable of saving Abhir.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Abhimanyu embraced Abhinav, assuring him that Abhir was their son.

A Surgeon’s Attire and a Heartfelt Reminder

Before heading to the operation theatre, Abhimanyu changed into the surgeon’s attire. As he prepared, Akshara approached him, holding a doctor-themed greeting card made by Abhir.

The card served as a poignant reminder of the bond shared between Abhimanyu and his son. Touched by this gesture, Abhimanyu felt a surge of determination and resolve.

Abhimanyu’s Inner Struggle

Inside the operation theatre, Abhimanyu confronted his emotions. As he gazed at his son’s face and the surgical instruments in his hands, tears welled up in his eyes.

The weight of the situation was almost overwhelming. However, Aarohi’s words brought him back to reality, reminding him that the pressure was decreasing.

In a momentary lapse, the instrument slipped from Abhimanyu’s trembling hand.

A Glimpse of Hope

In that fragile moment, Abhimanyu’s imagination painted a vivid picture. He envisioned Abhir waking up, adjusting his glasses, and assuring his “Doc-Man” that he trusted him and believed in his ability to make him well again.

This glimpse of hope and faith provided Abhimanyu with the strength he needed to continue.

Support and Unity Outside the Operation Theater

Meanwhile, outside the operation theatre, Kairav suggested a heartfelt gesture to uplift everyone’s spirits.

Kairav brought a football and proposed that they all sign it and present it to Abhir after his surgery as a symbol of their support and love.

This gesture touched everyone’s hearts, and even an emotional Manjari reunited with Akshara after a prolonged period of separation.

The Agonizing Wait

Amidst all the emotions and solidarity, Aarohi emerged from the operation theatre, leaving everyone anxious for updates about Abhir’s well-being. The episode concluded with this agonizing wait, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next instalment.

In a Nutshell: YRKKH 22nd May 2023 Written Update

The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 22nd May 2023 episode delivered a powerful emotional rollercoaster.

From Akshara’s profound shock and disappointment to Abhimanyu’s inner struggle and ultimate resolve, the narrative captured the heartache and hope of the characters involved.

The episode showcased the strength of familial bonds and the unwavering support they provided during times of crisis.

As viewers eagerly await the next development, the intense emotions from this episode will linger, leaving a lasting impact on their minds and hearts.

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